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Always Your Friend - Advanced Ear Cleanser & Deodorant

ALWAYS YOUR FRIEND - Advanced Ear Cleanser & Deodorant

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Advanced Ear Cleanser is a 2 in 1 Silver lotion that is great for cleaning the ears/ear canal and deodorizing paws & skin. It fights bacteria and fungi, removes dust and excess wax without irritating in the most natural way. Great assistance for numerous ear diseases and allergies. Excellent for protection of the ear and ear canal from potential threats, especially for pets with outdoor activities. It can also be used as a deodorant eliminating the bacteria that cause bad odor and it works from the first use. Excellent natural deodorant for paws and for short hair breeds such us Pug and French Bulldog. 

Suitable for Dogs, Cats, Rabbits & Horses. 

Best stored in a dark place. 

Ear Cleaning Application

Shake well before use. Spray on a cotton pad (or cotton wool) and gently massage the outside of the ear canal until you wipe away any visible dirt and earwax. It is suggested to use weekly for maintenance and protection.

*Always seek a veterinary surgeon advise if the dog's ear is painful, if the production of wax has increased or if any head tilt develops.

Deodorant Application

Shake well before use. Spray directly the coat and then brush it to spread the deodorant evenly. Avoid spraying the eyes or nose. If this occurs wash with plenty of water. Ideal for everyday use. The deodorant effect can last up to a week. 

Key Ingredients

Silver Citrate
Silver kills germs when it oxidizes and releases silver ions, which are lethal to bacteria and yeast and viruses. The presence of colloidal silver near a virus, fungi, bacterium or any other single-celled pathogen disables its oxygen-metabolism enzyme. Unlike other metals such as lead and mercury, silver is not toxic to pets or humans.

Tea Tree Oil
Tea tree oil proves to be a good natural remedy for hair growth. Tea tree oil has proven natural anti-fungal and antibacterial properties that help in maintaining a clean, healthy skin and strong, healthy hair follicles. It helps remove all the dead skin as well as to get rid of skin fungi and bacteria.

Peppermint Oil
Peppermint oil is good for hair and skin. It may help with dryness, itching, or other skin problems. The benefits of peppermint essential oil can be described as antimicrobial. Peppermint oil can help stimulate hair growth because of its ability to increase blood circulation around the scalp.

Free from Potentially Harmful Ingredients

Advanced Ear Cleanser & Deodorant contains No Alcohol, SLS (Sodium Lauryl Sulphate), PEG, Colorants, Parabens, Animal Derivatives, Mineral Oil, Ethanolamines, GMOs (Genetically Modified Organisms), Detergents, Propylene Glycol. It is Gluten-Free, Carbon Neutral & pH Balanced.


Aqua, Silver Microparticles (Silver Citrate), Emulsifiers, Mentha Piperita Essential Oil, Melaleuca Alternifolia (Tea Tree) Leaf Oil.

100 ml ℮ / 3.38 fl oz

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it effective for ear cleaning?
Yes! It is an excellent natural solution for cleaning, maintenance, and protection of the ears.

My pet has sensitive skin, can I still use it?
Of course, you can. The product uses natural ingredients for minimum irritation but since it has powerful essential oils to fight bacteria it is suggested to use in moderation.

Does it cause itching?
It does not. In order to prevent itching, it is important that after applying the lotion is completely absorbed without any moisture remaining in the ear. Moisture can cause itching among other things.

Can I spray it directly on the ear?
Yes, you can, but it is recommended to spray on a cotton pad or soft towel, and then use that to clean the ear. Most pets have sensitive ears and spraying directly might frighten your pet.

Can I use it if there is no infection?
Yes, it is important to clean the ears on a regular basis. The lotion cleans the ear and helps protect the ear from numerous diseases.

Since it is natural, can I apply as much as I wish?
We always recommend using as much as it is required. Overuse does not work better and since the essential oils have a strong scent we do not recommend using more than suggested.

How much should I use?
Each pump contains enough lotion to clean an ear. Massage gently with the lotion until it is completely absorbed with no residue left. For ear infections & allergies use once per 2 days until you see improvement.

How long does it take for its effect to work?
It depends on the case. For deodorant, ear cleaning & maintenance it has immediate effect. For ear infections & allergies, it depends on the severity of the disease.

Is it effective as a deodorant?
Yes, it has an excellent deodorant effect from the very first use. Ideal for pets with sensitive skin such as short hair breeds (Pug, French bulldog, etc). Also useful for pets with smelly paws or skin.

Can I spray directly on the coat as a deodorant?
Yes, by spraying on the coat, the lotion is evenly spread and then you can comb or massage with a towel/hands to cover the entire surface of the skin evenly.

Is it a pharmaceutical product?
It is not pharmaceutical and it does not require a prescription. The lotion can also be used parallel to pharmaceutical treatment for better and quicker results.

How often should I use it?
A. For ear infection/allergy, use once a day until you see improvement. Then use it for maintenance and protection once every 7-15 days.
B. For ear protection and cleansing, use once every 15 days.
C. For deodorant use on hair or paws, you can use it as often as required. (Usually once every 2-3 days)

Can it be used on all parts of the body?
Yes, you can use it on all parts of the body, even in the sensitive area, but in moderation.

Can I use it on my cat?
Yes, the product is designed for cats, dogs, rabbits, and horses. When a cat spends a lot of time outdoors it is more vulnerable to ear infection than other pets.

Is it safe?
The product is completely safe. Our Manufacturing laboratory is licensed and meets all hygiene and safety regulations. Each lot is tested by an independent laboratory for microbiological analysis.

Can I use it on me?
The product is made for pet skin treatment and we cannot claim that it works on human skin.

How does Silver Citrate work?
Silver is breaking down the cell membrane of the bacterium and denaturing the enzymes within, thus killing the cell. Silver Citrate is where silver exists in its ionic form. It is known for its excellent antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.