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Gratis verzending in NL vanaf € 50,00
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Pawse - Beer Voor Honden
Pawse - Beer Voor Honden

PAWSE - Beer voor Honden

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PAWSE - BEER FOR DOG - water, fructose, honey, is the beverage without gas  with a taste that, albeit sweet, is balanced. The product is specifically conceived to satisfy canine palates.

The ingredients making up PAWSE are a “panacea”  for the four pawse friends, and they are idea to refresh and rehydrate the dog, possibly after a pleasant run.

PAWSE is produced in Italy with the best natural components, it is not alcoholic, devoid of gas, and presentatives.

Compoisition:  water, fructose, honey, E155 Bruno HT preservative and salt

 Analytical Components: Proteine 0,4% - Fibre 0,2% Oil and fat 0,1% - ashes 0,1% - humidity 55,3%

 Teste:  sweet and balanced

 Colour:  amber

 Service Temperature: room temperature

 Packaging:  aluminum can, 33 cl eco-sustainable 100% recyclable


A little tip for the first drink:

The dog may be wary of the first offer, so we suggest you
1) pour a few drops on the can and fingers
2) let people taste the product and make them curious
3) pour the contents into the bowl


Expert’s suggestions:

• To preserve it in a chilly and dry place, far from heating sources

• Do not provide more than a 33 cl can every two days

• It is possible that dogs need adapt themselves to the beer,

  which is certainly different from the water to which dogs are used to

• The product shall never replace water, the latter being the primary beverage for them

• To preserve the product in the fridge after opening the can and to consume it in 12 hours

• Any possible residue at the bottom of the can shall be the regarded as the confirmation of the genuineness of the product: shake the can before its use

• This beverage is devoid of gas and, therefore, the can may have immaterial and unimportant imperfections due to the absence of internal pressure.

  Nevertheless, such light imperfections are by no means symptomatic of an alteration of the product


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